Romanesque Churches in Portugal

Igrejas Românicas em Portugal

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Aveiro Lisboa
• Braga  [A - B]  [C- G]  [P - V] • Porto  [A - F]  [L - M]  [P - V]
Bragança Santarém
Castelo Branco Setúbal
Coimbra • Viana do Castelo  [A - M]  [P - V]
• Évora Vila Real
Guarda • Viseu  [A - O]  [R - T]

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september 28th, 2018

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districts of Portugal
Districts of Portugal. The ones in red feature churches that are included in the main list.
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Aveiro Braga Bragança Castelo Branco Coimbra Évora Guarda Leiria Lisboa Porto Santarém Setúbal Viana do Castelo Vila Real Viseu

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